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Randy Gibson, Elegant Cleaning Services LLC

“Most people know me as an Entrepreneur. I currently have 3 businesses and another in the works. I can say starting a businesses is time consuming, but the process can be taken care of for you by BJC - With the help of this company I have built successful partnerships, gain knowledge on insurance for my employees and up to date on my business and tax information...... I am very humble and thankful. With that being said, through this company I gained more time, 5K more a month and a everlasting mentor”

Senayt Gaim, CEO of Zahara Mind Body Politics Magazine

“Shout out to Charmaigne Jones and her business, Blue J Consulting for doing a GREAT job. I worked with her to help me with tax, business and advertising research. It's super important when building the foundation of a business to get it done correctly. She was super professional, passionate and hardworking. Thanks, Charmaigne!.”

Ramon 'Moe' Jones, CEO of Creative Visual Customization Center

“If u need direction and don't know which way 2 go Charmaigne will help u find the missing pieces to your puzzle and get your business going on the right direction.”