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1. What does BJC do?

BJC quickly assess our clients’ administrative needs and assist them in developing and

implementing a support plan that will put freedom back into their businesses.


2. Why does BJC do what they do?

BJC Business Administrative Consultants take enjoyment in assisting clients with their administrative

support goals and take great pleasure in seeing those goals come to fruition. The collaborative effort

is the driving force and the results being the best rewards.


3. Who are the clients that BJC serves?

Start-up and established small business organizations. People who don’t have time to focus on

business administrative services. Entrepreneurs that want to focus on revenue-generating activities

instead of spending time focusing on administrative tasks.


4. How is BJC Qualified to Help?

Welcome to Blue J Consulting Firm. Where we bring over 20 years of experiences in both non-profit

and for-profit sectors. BJC launched to pursue our passion for small companies and solopreneurship

to help others succeed in their own businesses. As a business owner, we are able to use our

knowledge and expertise with various industries.


Our mission is to partner with businesses like yours, and together we can streamline administrative

processes provide better office flow, and overall efficiency. This will leave you valuable time to grow

your business, connect with your customers, and keep a competitive edge in the marketplace.

We have over 15 years’ experience in the administrative field and have led Our extensive

expertise, most recently – over the past 4 years, property management daily operations. We are

highly organized Business Administrative Consultants that is detailed oriented and will provide you

and your company with the utmost professionalism. We are skilled in Microsoft Office ®, customer

service, and a wealth of other services that will help you achieve your goals for your business.

Our industry background includes school districts, property management, law office, banking

institutions, technology firms, postal services, large facility operations, non-profit organizations,

education, and more


These experiences have given us a purpose, to give back what we’ve learned and to help others

achieve their dreams, goals, and vision. We excel in implementing policies and procedures, staff

development, and streamlining processes.

Let us assist you in achieving your goals for your business. We work personally with clients in a

collaborative relationship of ongoing business administrative support services.


5. How does it work?

Blue J Consulting Firm provides you with on-going administrative support. The services offered will

depend on the needs of your business. During our consultation, we will determine the best support

plan that fits your individual needs. If you are not ready for ongoing administrative support, you can

contact BJC for one-time project work in some areas. BJC offers years of administrative knowledge

and expertise and can tailor that to your business needs. The support tasks will be decided by you

and your business needs.

So…how much is it going to cost me?

Our fee is based on how much and to what level of support you require. With a consultation and the

use of diagnostic tools, I can effectively determine the best plan that accurately and successfully

addresses your business needs and challenges. Your business deserves what only a customized

support plan can offer, and I don’t provide anything less.


6. What is Value-Based Pricing?

We use value pricing for all our support plans. Once we determine the support plan that will work

best for you, that plan will have a set value price that encompasses everything detailed in the plan

for one monthly fee. You will know exactly what you will be paying each month. This price

will not fluctuate unless you later determine that you need more services not calculated in your

original support plan. Unlike hourly billing, you will not be billed at quarter-hour increments; nor will

you receive billing surprises that were not in your monthly budget.


If our minimum level of retained support is not within your budget at this time or if you

need assistance with a one-time project, our a la caret project services may interest you.


7. Do you offer A La Carte Services?

If our minimum level of retained support is not within your budget at this time or if you need

assistance with a one-time project, our a la carte project services may interest you.

During a consultation, we discuss your project to determine the scope of work and the deadline, and

I will give a price quotation.